Hemi Pharma Reviews

Hemi Pharma is a very successful brand when it comes to anabolic steroids. When you look at the detailed reviews among users, you will see that their comments are positive. For advanced bodybuilders or those who are considering their first steroid cycle, this brand is very satisfactory. The raw material they use is very high quality. 

hemi pharma


Hemi Pharma Reviews


Hemi Pharma is often referred to as Intex Pharma. We can say that it is a rebrand of Intex Pharma. Hemi Pharmacauticals produces not only anabolic steroids but also solutions for many industries. 


They are in cooperation with leading brands (gsk, pfizer, meda). With the experience of being in the industry for many years, they develop products with high quality content. When you search the internet, you can find Hemi Pharma lab tests on many websites. We will share them in the rest of the article. Especially when you browse Reddit, you will see that many athletes are satisfied with this brand.


Hemi Pharma Warehouses


Hemi Pharma is widely available throughout the United Kingdom. The increasing number of athletes has increased the use of steroids and athletes are looking for a quality steroid brand.


Price Policy


When we examine its prices, you will see that it is quite satisfactory. This is one of the big pluses of this brand. The wide range of products is another plus.


Hemi Pharma Steroids


Anabolic steroids: Used to increase muscle growth and strength.

Fat burners: Used to burn body fat and lose weight.

Hormone supplements: Used to increase levels of hormones such as testosterone.

Peptides: Short protein chains that can provide different health benefits.


Categories of Hemi


  • Injectable steroids
  • Oral steroids
  • Peptides
  • Fat burners
  • Human growth hormones
  • Semaglutide
  • Post Cycle Therapy Products 
  • General Pharmacy Products


Some Reddit Reviews


Never had an issue with hemi pharma. Package is here east coast us in 7-10 days from SR(soroids). Nothing but good results. Never heard of jetroids or whatever it’s called.

I had good results with Test E, I’d say legit

Which Supplier For Hemi Pharma

You can visit soroids.com to buy Hemi pharma products. It is among the official sellers. Therefore, you will buy completely original products. In this supplier, Hemi products are shipped from UK (United Kingdom) warehouses. Therefore, it is only open to orders from people living in the UK. 


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