Fake and Scammer Site! Reviews!

Hello, we would like to share an enlightening and cautionary article with you. Among online steroid sellers, there are many scammers who mimic (official and real steroid shop) by using similar domain names. One of these is

This company presents itself as real getroids and scams steroid users. Especially by imitating the website of and using the logos of real on Telegram and WhatsApp, they deceive people. They engage in fraud by presenting themselves as real getroids and using payment methods like Zelle, Bitcoin, and presenting manipulated product photos.

Here’s a list of other fake getroids scam companies:

All of these are fraudulent and counterfeit. They are all fake websites. If you shop from these websites, you will definitely lose your money, and the product you ordered will never reach you. There are many bodybuilders who have lost their money in this way and become victims. They particularly engage in fraud by claiming to sell Ozempic products and sharing posts through Telegram channels and groups. People who see the Getroids logo on Telegram mistakenly think these fake scam accounts are the real Getroids.


The only official getroids shop domain name is This company has been in operation since 2007. Please only use the domain when shopping from Getroids.” website’s victims’ screenshots and conversations where they were defrauded via Telegram and WhatsApp. Additionally, you can find information such as “” Telegram username, channel name, etc., on the visuals.

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  1. I am victim of be careful they are scammer. Real getroids is be careful guys! Also has a fake telegram channel they use it to scam people.


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