Tirzepatide Brand Names

In this article we will talk about tirzepatide brand names. Tirzepatide is a drug that was launched in 2022 and its popularity is increasing day by day. Most people see it as a myth.  It is used for slimming purposes. Prescribed patients have achieved quite good results. In 2 years, it has reached almost millions of users. It is used by patients suffering from obesity, especially in the United States. Increasing obesity rates have pushed individuals to try different slimming methods. 


What is Mounjaro Tirzepatide


Tirzepatide is intended for the treatment of diabetic patients. It was first produced by a company called Eli Lilly. It is an effective drug for type 2 diabetes. Mounjaro Tirzepatide is currently the most widely used tirzepatide drug in the world. The working logic of the drug is to regulate blood sugar. Mounjaro Tirzepatide has an active substance obtained by the combination of GLP-1 and GIP hormone. So what do these hormones do? 

GLP-1; It regulates blood sugar by increasing insulin release in the pancreas. 

GIP provides weight loss by regulating glucose metabolism. 

Mounjaro Tirzepatatide has been approved by the 2022 FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), making it much safer to use. 

By using Mounjaro tirzepatatide, you can reduce your appetite and increase the feeling of satiety. In this way, you can lose very serious weight in about 6 months.

Tirzepatide also lowered cholesterol levels, insulin and blood pressure in people on the drug and improved their physical mobility.


Tirzepatide Side Effects


Tirzepatide has side effects such as nausea, constipation, diarrhoea and vomiting. People who use Tirzepatide are also likely to regain the weight they have lost when they stop using the drug; in fact, this is a situation that can be seen in many weight loss drugs. We will also talk about side effects in our Tirzepatide Brand Names topic.


This is worrying given that the long-term health risks of tirzepatide are unknown. Drugs that only mimic GLP-1, such as semaglutide, have been on the market for several years. Some evidence suggests that they may increase the risk of certain types of cancer, kidney disorders and serious gastrointestinal problems. But these are very rare side effects.


For many people suffering from obesity, the health benefits of Tirzepatide outweigh the potential downsides. “One of the best outcomes may be reversing the complications associated with overweight and obesity,” says Jaisinghani. “By reversing some of these complications, we now have the opportunity to potentially get people off other medications, which not only improves their health, but also their quality of life.”


Who can use Mounjaro Tirzepatide ?

Tirzepatide, a drug produced for type 2 diabetes patients, is also used for weight loss. People who want to get rid of obesity want to start this medicine with a doctor’s advice or their own decisions.  

GIP and GLP-1 receptors reduce the feeling of hunger by acting on the human brain. Mounjaro reduces the need for food and triggers fat burning. 

In researches, 15.7% weight loss was observed in people using mounjaro. Therefore, it is recommended to use it if you complain of excess weight. We should have mentioned this in our Tirzepatide Brand Names topic.


How many lbs can be lost with Tirzepatide?


This depends on variables such as your genetics, disease status and fat ratio. However, with regular use and a good nutrition programme, you can reduce your fat ratio up to 15%. 

The increase in adiposity of type 2 diabetes sometimes leads to very bad results. With Tirzepati, you will have a more regular blood sugar with the insulin hormone it secretes, so weight loss is inevitable


Can Mounjaro be purchased without a prescription?


As of now, you need a prescription from your doctor to use Mounjaro Tirzepatide. This also prevents abuse of the medicine. Although many people make a lot of effort to have it, they find it difficult to find it without a prescription. However, in the continuation of our article, we will also share the links where you can buy tirzepatatide in a 100% original way. 


Tirzepatide Brand Names


After Lilly Mounjaro tirzepatide was approved by the FDA in 2022, many brands started to produce equivalents. People who wanted to use Mounjaro but did not have a prescription turned to other Tirzepatide products of similar quality. We will list them below;


Lilly Mounjaro Tirzepatide


The most preferred tirzepatide is of course the one produced by Mounjaro Lilly. It is not possible to buy it without a prescription. Eli Lilly mounjaro is in pen form and each pen contains 2.5 mg of active ingredients. We can say that the price is also quite high. It is available in the market at prices exceeding 400 dollars. 


How to use Mounjaro Tirzepatide

  • Take Mounjaro tirzepatide once a week in appropriate doses.
  • If you use insulin as an extra, you can inject in the same area, but not too close together. 
  • Rotate by injecting different areas each week. 
  • Be sure to ask your doctor for advice on its ideal use.


After Lilly Mounjaro tirzepatide was approved by the FDA in 2022, many brands started to produce equivalents. People who wanted to use Mounjaro but did not have a prescription turned to other tirzepatide products of similar quality. 


Crowx Labs Tirzerow 5 MG


Crowx Labs Tirzerow is an analogue product of Lilly mounjaro tirzepatide. The active substance is exactly the same. Of course it is not as popular as Lilly Mounjaro. Therefore, people have question marks in their minds before buying it. However, we would like to say that Crowx Labs brand is a brand that has successfully passed all tests and has an extremely high quality production facility. We wanted to mention this product in our Tirzepatatide Brand Names topic.

Crowx Labs tirzerow product can also be purchased without a prescription. Therefore, it has started to be preferred. 

It is also extremely advantageous in price. It is sold with a $ 125 price tag. It is in injection form. 


Ultima Pharmaceuticals Tirzepatide 5 MG

Ultima pharmaceuticals is one of the most successful companies producing extremely high quality and performance enhancing drugs. It has been especially popular in the United States in the last year.

Ultima Tirzepatide is sold at a price of 120$. You can buy it sa

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