Zerox Pharmaceuticals Review & Lab Results

Zerox pharmaceuticals is a famous pharmaceutical company based in India that manufactures anabolic steroids. For 4 years they have been producing performance enhancing drugs. The customer base is mainly from Europe. Bodybuilders preparing for competitions often add Zerox Pharma products to their steroid cycles. 

Zzerox pharmaceuticals produces not only bodybuilding drugs but also products for the general health sector, accompanied by high technology and scientific research. 

You can use Zerox Pharma both during the bulk period and cutting period. You can absorb the side effects of some anabolic steroids with post cycle therapy products. Zerox Pharmaceuticals is also GMP approved. In this way, you can buy it without hesitation about its quality.

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Zerox Pharma Reviews

When we examined the reviews of this brand, we encountered many different opinions. Some users were extremely satisfied, while others reported that they would turn to different brands. Of course, every steroid brand and every product can have different effects from person to person. In the continuation of our article, we will also talk about zzerox pharmaceuticals lab results. 

I think the biggest minus we can say about this brand is its name :). Zzerox pharmaceuticals or zerox pharmaceuticals. One of the two, but written differently from each source. It seems a little difficult to get used to it. 


Zerox Pharma Warehouses

As we have just mentioned, Zerox Pharmaceuticals is an India-based brand. They produce injectable, oral and other anabolic steroids there. Therefore their products are shipped from the Asian warehouse. Delivery time to Europe is about 15 days. Of course, the delivery time varies according to the steroid source you will buy.


Zerox Pharma Steroids

Zerox pharma produces products in the categories of oral steroids, injectable steroids, fat burners, post cycle therapy, sarms and peptides. The most preferred category is of course injectable steroids. Below we will review a few products.


Testorox Cypionate 250 MG

zerox pharmaceuticals testosterone cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a product found in almost every steroid cycle. Therefore, this is its best-selling product. 

Testorox Cypionate 250 MG has an average price. It is sold with a price tag of $49. It can be preferred because it is at an accessible price. 


Enanthate has 7 carbon ester chains, while Cypionate has 8 carbon ester chains. The higher the carbon ester, the higher the fat solubility and the lower the water solubility.


Which brands can you recommend instead of Zerox Pharma? 

To be frank, the sales volume of zerox pharmaceuticals has dropped considerably in the last year and a half. Reducing the company’s investments is one of the biggest reasons for this. Therefore, many bodybuilders have turned to other brands. 

So if you ask the question of which steroid brand you prefer, our first recommendation will be Sixpex pharma, which is also reviewed on our site.  You can see the sixpex pharmaceuticals review by clicking this link.

Zerox Pharmaceuticals Lab Results


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